About Us

Itsy Craftsy is established by a certified early chilhood educator, who is also a mother and a music insturctor. As an educator, she has seen the lack of motor skill development on students nowadays. One day when she was building models with her son, she realized that a prepared kit could be a life saver to every parent. With all desinged and prepared kits, parent and children can enjoy hustle-free moment together. Moreover, these models are not just an usual non-moving toy, children see and learn how engineering and mechanism are involved during the process of building.

Adults need an escape, too. The models here are definitely your escape from daily routine. At Itsy Craftsy, not only can you discover new hobbies but also can you meditate for your spiritual as a method of relaxtion.

When was the last time you grabbed a hobby and relax without browsing on social media? Now, start your new journey with Itsy Craftsy.