DIY Pendulum Clock

DIY Pendulum Clock is an eco-friendly home decoration material. Non-fading and durable in use. The DIY Pendulum Clock is an adorable collection. With a short of assembly, you and your younger children will definitely enjoy. The pendulum clock comes in original wood color. You may paint your own unique clock as you wish.


After assembly, the tail keeps waving just like saying hello to the children.The Pendulum Clock includes everything you need glue, paints, brush, clock pieces. It comes in different animals: dog, lion, bunny, squirrel, pig, and bear. Great collection for home decor even kids/baby room decor.


  • Material: Wool
  • Features: Eco-friendly
  • Color: Multi

Attention: It is normal that the pins get a bit bent. You may slightly bend the pins straight, it will definitely function normally. However, if you have a concern, please reach out at