UGEARS Models Puzzle Mechanical Tractor

 UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assembles kits. Take to the fields this vintage model tractor by Ugears, a rattling greeting from centuries past. This sophisticated, real-life mechanical toy requires no electronics to run. With parts made of high-quality plywood, it features a rubber band- activated all-wheel drive motor that allows.

You Model Puzzle Mechanical Tractor can shift the tractor’s real transmission from “park” to “low” to plow for your spring planting or step it up to “sport” gear and watch it race to the end of the field. Set Ugears’ tractor model’s chattering clockwork in motion and watch it sow a smile on your favorite farmer's face.



  • Material: Plywood
  • Number of parts: 97
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Features: Eco-friendly
  • Kit weight: 1.10 lbs
  • Manufacturer: UGears