UGears Handgun

The UGears Wolf-01 Handgun is the perfect new addition to any collection of wooden gun models. Combining a classic handgun design with sleek wooden construction, the Wolf-01 mechanical handgun is truly a sight to behold.

Since the Wolf-01 mechanical handgun shoots 2.4 x 0.6 caliber rubber bands, you don't have to worry about doing any serious damage with this little guy. Despite its safe design, this model handgun is capable of firing at ranges of up to 33 feet, which means it's great if you want to do a little target practice. Instead of simply putting together a wooden model handgun and leaving it up on the shelf for years, you can get real use out of the Wolf-01 model handgun.

Thanks to the sleek design of this model handgun, it fits nicely in your hand so you don't have to worry about an awkward grip. This can be an especially big problem with wooden models, so the Wolf-01 is designed to specifically prevent those problems.

Despite offering a fun and comprehensive assembly experience, putting together the Wolf-01 mechanical handgun doesn't take a whole lot of time. The model was designed to be simple without taking away from the fun of building a model. Since putting these models together is so easy, you can quickly put together a few to have a fun battle with friends or family.

To make sure you don't have to stop enjoying the action to put rubber band ammo in your gun, the UGears Wolf-01 handgun is designed with a secret compartment in the handle where you can store additional rubber bullets. This means you don't have to step away from the battlefield in the middle of a heated exchange with a buddy to reload.

The UGears Wolf-01 mechanical handgun is even equipped to handle night missions thanks to the quick-release feature which is designed for a light torch. Whether you're setting up a reenactment of a famous battle in broad daylight or sneaking around at night to covertly battle your friends, the UGears Wolf-01 handgun is equipped with everything you need to make your experiences memorable.

Technical Specs:
Caliber: 0.6 x 2.4 in
Barrel length: 9.1 in
Total height: 5.1 in
Width: 1 in
Weight: 0.86 lbs
Capacity: 5 rubber bands
Firing range: up to 33 ft 

Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.2 in
Number of parts: 62
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 1 hour
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 0.9 lbs